Brandon Chicotsky

Brandon Chicotsky

#1 NYU graduate in Technology Management
New York (Brooklyn)

Résumé Highlights

Manager, Texas Hold 'Em Training Center
Working with my brother, Bluff Magazine's 2008 Player of the Year, I managed a training center that contracted poker pros to teach their methodology. Clients included ESPN commentator, Orel Hershiser.
Policy Advocacy, Fundraising: AIPAC (
As an employee of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, I raised funds and strategically built relationships among a powerful political community. I then leveraged those relationships to lobby Congress.
Manager, U.S. Presidential Campaign Office
2008 (Presidential Primaries)
Working with campaign headquarters in Chicago, I managed an office for Obama and oversaw budget allocations to support 40 interns. We received Michelle Obama and Tom Brokaw, among others.
Texas Student Media Board of Operating Trustees
Elected to two terms by the university's student body to oversee five media entities. With a $3 million operating budget, all revenue, partnerships and asset holdings were assessed and managed by the Board.

Why Upstart

$30K will be allocated to graduate debt, which covers every cent owed. The remaining $30K of capital will be allocated to two years of living. This includes rent, utilities, internet provider service, car insurance, health insurance, quarterly flights to and from NYC to Austin, vehicle maintenance ('05 Prius, 71K miles, excellent condition, fully paid), networking funds (event entry fees), phone bill and food. While in NYC I live with a close friend for free as a repayment for past tutoring support. We cook our own food and keep energy expenses low. When in Austin I live in a cooperative where we do our own cooking, cleaning and maintenance work. This housing model also keeps rent extraordinarily low and bundles my food budget into rent. For food, rent and utilities I spend less than $800 per month (includes both residences). Factoring previously mentioned expenses, my total yearly average for expenses is less than $15K. If graduate debt is cleared, $30K will sufficiently cover all living expenses for two years, enabling full time business focus.