Alejandro Luperon

Alejandro Luperon

Dartmouth College engineer and founder of Quantitative Finance Society
Queens, New York

Résumé Highlights

Head Engineer for Project L
Developing the biosensors and other hardware for a neuroengineering device, namely the amplification, filtering, and signal conditioning subsystems.
Chief Engineer for the UBrace
Developing the gesture recognition software using the C programming language as well as constructing the hardware for a multifunctional home entertainment device.
Research Assistant
Developed and employed qualitative and quantitative techniques to uncover dangerous unexploded projectiles deployed during military training exercises.
Consultant Engineer
Worked in a group for CONCEPTS NREC, a turbo machinery company. We developed hardware and software to improve their turbocharger testing process.

Why Upstart

The Focus L is an electronic device which would use non-invasive electrical stimulation to improve the concentration of the user. The user would feel an increase in focus that energy drinks provide without any of the negative side-effects or dangers. The money raised by this Upstart campaign will be used to build my team's company. My team has an understanding of the theory behind our device and the engineering expertise to see the project to completion. Additionally, we have commenced in prototype construction for this device. We still need funding to continue research, accelerate prototype construction, and see this project come to fruition. The line of devices we envision would enable the common individual to improve their mental acuity and tap into their full potential. This device will encourage states of intense concentration, improve productivity, enhance creativity, and eliminate the need for ingesting caffeine or potentially dangerous stimulants found in energy drinks.