Adam Steege

Adam Steege

Medical device founder and Columbia University graduate
Chapel Hill, NC

Résumé Highlights

Created Agile EndoSurgery
Fall 2009 - Spring 2010
Towards the end of my time at Columbia University, I used the opportunity presented by my senior design project to solve a real problem, which was inspired by my father who is a laparoscopic surgeon at UNC. This work provided the foundation for the company I currently run.
Led the Carleton Robotics Team
Fall 2007 - Spring 2008
I participated in the Carleton Robotics team for four years, during the last of these I led the team which was largely composed of new members. I spent 15-25 hours per week teaching introductory electrical engineering, embedded systems programming, and mechanical design to these new students.
Intern on the Mars rover mission
Fall 2003
I worked on the landed rover mission, including two trips to Pasadena to aid in analyzing geological data. I also worked to expand the spectroscopic library used for identifying minerals on the Martian surface.
Science Olympiad
Fall 1999 - Spring 2004
I competed on my school's Science Olympiad team for 5 years, achieving 5th place at the national competition for a rubber band powered balsa wood plane I designed based on combining elements of designs I found online, coupled with extensive testing.

Why Upstart

The funds I receive will cover my living costs and the operating costs of my company while I search for additional financing. These costs are relatively low, and funding at this stage will allow me to expand my search for support for my company. I have vetted my technology with surgeons and have had feedback from several leading device companies, all of which has been positive. In essence, I have developed a product platform that has been well received during the prototype phase, but I need additional support to take the necessary steps to finish development and obtain FDA notification; funding and mentorship at this stage would be a great asset in completing these goals.