Pilot Schools
These days, more and more students want to take a different path. While schools have invested a lot of time and energy in traditional career development, Upstart is an opportunity to provide more to those students who are passionate about carving their own way. It’s also another way to engage your school’s most underused resource - your alumni.
Schools aren’t party to the agreements that are formed between upstarts and backers, but they are critically important to bringing awareness and understanding of Upstart to their students and alumni. Upstart is currently in a limited pilot with the campuses shown below - but we'll be looking to expand soon. Let us know if you’d like us to bring Upstart to your campus.
What Upstart Provides
Student Opportunity
Provide your students opportunity to pursue an alternative path
Alumni Engagement
Engage your alumni in helping out the next generation
On Campus Presence
In person info sessions and office hours on campus

Our Pilot Schools
Babson College
Bowdoin College
Brown University
Boston University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Duke University
Georgia Institute of  Technology
Georgetown University
George Washington University
Northeastern University
Princeton University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Santa Clara University
University of California Davis
University of California Irvine
University of California Los Angeles
University of California San Diego
University of Southern California