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Powered by Upstart

is a white-label software and services platform derived from Upstart’s top-rated consumer lending platform. From rate requests to servicing and collections, Powered by Upstart brings modern technology and data science to the entire consumer lending lifecycle.

Upstart background

Upstart was founded five years ago by ex-Googlers to bring the best of Google to consumer lending. We’re one of the first lending platforms to leverage modern data science and technology to power credit decisions, automate borrower verification, and deliver a superior borrower experience. With more than 50,000 Upstart loans originated in our first three years, we have some of the highest consumer ratings in the industry and have delivered industry-leading returns to our loan investors. With Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in excess of 80, we’re excited about the impact we’re making in lending.

Your technology partner

FinTech is disrupting all areas of financial services. As one of the leading tech platforms in marketplace lending, Upstart aims to partner with financial institutions rather than compete with them. Given the pace of change in lending, technology partnerships will be critical in the years to come, and Upstart aims to be the partner you can rely on.

But Powered By Upstart is not just software - it’s a turnkey solution that provides all necessary document review, verification phone calls, fraud analysis, and (if you choose) customer service, loan servicing, and collections.

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Software-as-a-Service in lending

Software-as-a-service has grown exponentially in the last decade because of its obvious virtues; rather than buying, installing, configuring, hosting, and supporting software yourself, the software is delivered over the cloud. It’s more reliable and it’s always up to date. Delivering “cloud” software can be challenging in any industry. Usability, reliability, and performance are the minimum to play. Effective change management is critical to success. As the team that delivered Google’s SaaS platform starting more than 10 years ago, we understand these challenges.

Of course, the regulatory environment in lending raises the bar even higher. Upstart is committed not just to delivering the best technology in lending, but to working with your credit and compliance teams to deliver a reliably robust and compliant lending system.

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