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An end-to-end personal loans solution
Upstart’s turnkey solution has proven to increase access to credit, deliver a more competitive rate, and offer a fully digital, effortless experience.

How it works

A branded, mobile-friendly user experience lives within your website
Upstart’s risk-based AI model prices customers within your credit criteria
Upstart verifies customer application information, with 70% of loans fully automated1
Upstart’s platform allows for digital signature and next-day funding

Solution features

Customer Acquisition

Upstart can present your offer of credit to applicants on the Upstart.com site, helping you drive origination volume to supercharge your existing marketing efforts.


Upstart provides a comprehensive servicing solution including U.S. based customer support, bank-branded payment platform, and collections services.

A smarter model

Bright Idea

Better decisions

With over a dozen modeling techniques, 1500+ variables, 5.5+ million data points, and $6 billionin platform originations, Upstart’s model is one of the most sophisticated in the industry — and getting smarter every day.


Your credit policy

Configure your bank’s credit policy including min FICO, max DTI, maximum loss threshold, and more.


Fraud prevention

Upstart uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques to stay one step ahead of fraudsters in order to keep fraud rates low while minimizing friction for other applicants.

You're in control

Configure your credit policy

Set more than 15 criteria including minimum credit score, maximum debt-to-income ratio, loan sizes and more.

Leverage AI to predict default

Estimate the probability and timing of default, enabling you to approve the right applicants at the right price.

Control your economics

Configure rates to meet your desired return on assets tailored to your risk appetite.


How you benefit

More borrowers
Identify credit-worthiness while operating within your risk appetite.
Improved economics

Increase approvals and decrease
loss rates.

Happier customers

Our lending partners’ NPS scores are far higher than published benchmarks for the largest traditional banks.3

How borrowers benefit


more approvals
than traditional lenders4


lower rates
than traditional lenders4


monthly payment
vs. multiple credit card payments

We’ve helped more than 450,000 customers


Upstart has worked with regulators since inception

Upstart proactively works with regulators to ensure it operates safely within the law. Upstart also works side-by-side with customers should a regulator request additional information.

First CFPB No-Action Letter

Upstart became the first company to receive a No Action Letter from the CFPB in 2017. In 2019, as reported by the CFPB based on analysis by Upstart, Upstart’s AI model approves 27% more borrowers than traditional lending models with 16% lower average APRs for approved loans.4

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1 As of 1/30/2020. Fully automated loans are defined as loans originated end-to-end (from initial application to final funding) with no human involvement
2 As of 1/30/2020.
3 The Net Promoter Scores, or NPS, for our bank partners’ lending programs are approximately 80. Upstart uses a third-party service to administer surveys to loan applicants immediately following an applicant’s acceptance of a loan on Upstart’s platform.
4 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Blog: An Update from CFPB on credit access and the Bureau’s first No Action Letter, August 2019.