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At Upstart, we care a lot about employee happiness and development. We believe our success will result from the attention and focus we bring to improving ourselves as a team.
Why join Upstart?
We aren’t your everyday startup - we have a real opportunity to impact the world by changing the life of every person funded. The concept of investing in a person is an exciting and fundamentally liberating one - and has the potential to improves the lives of real people you know.
Talented Colleagues
Our small team has already interviewed more than 300 candidates. Because our vision is to be a lean but highly effective team, we only hire the best.
Character Matters
Every person at Upstart is someone with whom we genuinely enjoy spending time. Team meals and outings are always on the calendar.
Trust and Autonomy
We keep bureaucracy to an absolute minimum. No one is counting your vacation days, and we expect self-direction and initiative from everybody.
Basic Comforts
Pool table, micro-kitchen, dinners - and whatever tools you need to be productive. And of course, highly competitive compensation and benefits.
Top-Tier Support
We're backed by an elite group of investors and advisors and have been written about in countless publications.
Input Matters
Every team member will shape the company we want to become. Transparency and inclusion are core values at Upstart.
Available Positions
  • Front-End Web Developer
    As a novel financial and social platform, Upstart faces unique user experience challenges that a developer won't find anywhere else. We're looking for someone to take responsibility for developing beautiful and intuitive interfaces for our platform on desktop and mobile web. Candidates for this position should have strong technical problem solving skills, experience building interfaces for mobile web, excellent communication skills, and an eagerness to learn and take on a ton of responsibility.

    • Very strong JavaScript and HTML/CSS skills (HTML5 and CSS3 experience preferred)
    • Mobile web development experience
    • Strong design and product sensibility; ability to refine mocks and generate new designs
    • Experience with web frameworks like Ruby on Rails (preferred), Angular.js, Backbone.js, etc.
  • Generalist Developer
    We're looking for someone with strong technical problem solving skills, excellent communication skills, and an eagerness to learn and take on responsibility. This engineer will be responsible for working on all aspects of the Upstart platform, from our data prediction model to our social networking platform and crowdfunding marketplace. You'll enjoy significant autonomy in designing new systems and crafting elegant user experiences.

    • 2+ years of work experience in full-stack web development
    • Experience with web frameworks like Ruby on Rails (preferred), Django, Node.js, etc.
    • Fluency in Javascript and JQuery
  • Business Operations Associate
    As a novel financial and social platform, Upstart faces unique user experience and business challenges. We’re looking for someone to take responsibility for building a seamless user experience and back-end operations that scale with our platform.

    • Strong intuitive grasp of the economics behind Upstart
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Ability to work cross functionally with product, engineering, legal, and marketing teams
    • Ability to think creatively and translate user feedback into product requirements
    • Acute attention to detail and strong analytical skills
    • Focused on providing an excellent customer experience
    • Exceptionally hard-working, sharp, and have a 'get it done' attitude
    • Believes in the mission of Upstart and can persuasively engage with our target market
    • 1-2 years of previous experience, preferably in an operations capacity
    • Bachelor’s degree in business or similar