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Backend Software Engineer

Do you love writing algorithms and architecting service-oriented systems? As a backend engineer at Upstart, you will be responsible for owning business-critical processes that must be highly available and scalable. You'll play a major role in designing our ecosystem of interacting applications, making major architecture decisions, and getting your hands dirty by writing APIs. You'll get to dive into our data model and work on algorithms powering our investment and financial platforms.

  • 2+ years of backend/systems development, ideally in the context of web applications
  • Experience building reliable, robust, and scalable systems
  • Experience with Python and related frameworks
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Data Engineer

Do you love building infrastructure to move and analyze large volumes of data? Do you want to work for a company whose success depends on its ability to efficiently make sense of data? As a data engineer at Upstart, you'll be responsible for architecting systems to move, store, transform, and analyze large amounts of data, including financial and business data. You'll have an outsized impact on the productivity of the entire engineering and data science team and directly contribute to Upstart's core competitive advantage.

  • Experience building large-scale data pipelines and warehousing solutions
  • Experience with technologies like S3, Redshift, Spark, and Hadoop
  • Ability to evaluate the scale of data problems and determine the optimal solutions for those problems
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Frontend Software Engineer

Do you love writing Javascript and engineering elegant user experiences? As a frontend engineer at Upstart, you'll be responsible for crafting the user's experience on our financial platform, making architectural decisions on the frontend, and determining the overall aesthetic of our site.

  • 2+ years of frontend or full-stack development
  • Strong JavaScript skills; ability to write and maintain clean, modular JS code
  • Experience with frontend JS frameworks like React with Redux
  • Good user intuitions and design sensibilities
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Full Stack Software Engineer

Are you an engineer with strong technical problem solving skills, excellent communication skills, and a desire to learn and take on responsibility? We're hiring! You will be responsible for working on all aspects of the Upstart platform, from our data prediction model to our backend financial platform, to our web interfaces and 3rd party API integrations. You'll enjoy significant autonomy in architecting systems, writing algorithms, and crafting elegant user interfaces.

  • 2+ years of full-stack web development
  • Experience with web frameworks (Ruby on Rails preferred)
  • Experience with JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks (we use Angular)
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Lead DevOps Engineer

Join Upstart as our lead DevOps engineer, where you will own the deployment and operation of our production systems, and potentially build out a team in the coming months. You’ll own and develop our AWS infrastructure, including PCI-compliant services on AWS, and help us migrate from Heroku to AWS. You’ll also lead the way in building tooling and automation to monitor the health of our infrastructure and create a productive environment for other engineers. You’ll have wide latitude in technology options and define our strategy for technology operations risk mitigation, which includes disaster planning and on-call procedures, and will report directly to the CTO.


  • 4+ years of experience in a DevOps/SRE role, preferably at a startup using AWS
  • Comfort working in high-security / high-compliance environments, such as finance or healthcare
  • Experience setting up and working with AWS security structures using Bastion Hosts, security groups, VPCs
  • Experience with infrastructure-as-code tools (e.g. Cloudformation, Chef, Ansible, Terraform)
  • Experience with Docker, container management tools like Mesos, Kubernetes, and ECS
  • Experience with continuous integration tools like Codeship, Travis, Jenkins, or CircleCI
  • Relevant technical skills (bash scripting, Python, Java)
  • Ability to define high-level strategy for operations monitoring and risk mitigation
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