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Data Security Engineer

Upstart is looking for a detail-oriented Data Security Engineer who will work at the cutting edge of encryption and data security to ensure that our data is secure and compliant. You will work collaboratively with our engineering and data science teams to protect the security of our product and infrastructure. You will also build and install tools that identify and classify our data. Reporting directly to the Head of Information Security, you will help execute on PCI compliance-related tasks and projects. If you are excited about using the latest tools to manage data exposure risk for one of the most innovative data science models in the fintech industry, this may be the right opportunity for you!

Here’s more about what you’ll be doing:

  • Take ownership of building, managing and monitoring Upstart’s encryption service, adequate access service, and data security controls for external auditors
  • Working closely with engineering and data science teams to safeguard our products
  • Building, refining, and maintaining a company-wide data dictionary, helping us drive and understand sensitive/non-sensitive elements
  • Reporting on sensitive data and its usage in the company
  • Working with the Director of Information Security to map PCI compliance to our infrastructure


  • 3+ years of experience in a data security role within a technology or financial services organization
  • Experience managing security controls and driving security policies over Amazon S3
  • Experience with data classification tools, SQL, and databases (e.g. Postgres, MySQL, Redshift)
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Ability to collaborate cross-functionally and communicate effectively with highly technical teams
  • Certifications such as Data privacy certification (e.g. CIPP) will strengthen consideration


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Engineering Manager

Upstart is looking for a collaborative Engineering Manager who will directly manage key engineering projects and develop a team of high performing software engineers. Reporting directly to the CTO, you will have a large influence on the direction of our architecture, structure, processes and values of the Engineering community. You will have a great deal of responsibility in managing projects such as helping us move to microservices, transitioning from Heroku to AWS, and adopting software patterns like event sourcing. You will also manage other engineers, including senior engineers, to help us continue to deliver a superior experience for our borrowers. If you are looking for the opportunity to join a hyper-growth company, develop a high performing team and make an outsized, lasting impact on an organization, this may be the right opportunity for you!

Here’s more about what you’ll be doing:

  • Serving as architect and project manager on major engineering projects
  • Managing and developing a team of engineers, ensuring their ongoing career growth and happiness through coaching and mentoring
  • Reviewing code and architectural designs of other members of the engineering team, promoting a culture of growth and improvement
  • Serving as a cross-functional liaison to other teams within Upstart to identify high-value initiatives that would benefit the company
  • Proposing and socializing policies related to code development, onboarding, and interviewing


  • 7+ years of industry experience in software application engineering, preferably in a microservices environment with Ruby or Python
  • 3+ years of experience managing other engineers
  • Strong hands-on coding, design, and architectural skills
  • Empathetic and self-motivated leader with focus on servant leadership
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Ability to collaborate cross-functionally and communicate effectively


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Full Stack Software Engineer

We’re looking for curious and humble team members driven by a desire to move quickly, build robust systems, and improve people’s lives. Our engineers work on all aspects of the Upstart platform, from our data prediction model to our backend financial platform, to our web interfaces and 3rd party API integrations. You'll enjoy significant autonomy in architecting systems, writing algorithms, and crafting elegant user interfaces. Our team is broken into product-oriented squads, giving engineers direct access to the end-user and the ability to launch features without being blocked. We’ve also designed the squad system to enable constant learning: engineers have the chance to rotate squads every 6 months to learn new parts of the codebase and business. Do you want to learn a new language or a new skill? There's a squad here to learn from. You'll also get the chance to solve challenges with interesting engineering constraints, work in a distributed system, and collaborate with data scientists.  


  • 2+ years of full-stack web development
  • Experience with event-driven and event-sourced systems
  • Experience with web frameworks (Ruby on Rails preferred) and JavaScript / JS framework (React preferred)
  • Experience with SQL databases and domain modeling
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Self-motivated and enjoys collaborating with a team


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Information Security Architect

Join Upstart as our Information Security Architect, where you will bring security controls into our cloud infrastructure. Reporting to the Head of information Security, you will set up security incident and event management within Upstart. You’ll play a key role in ensuring security controls through design and architecture in our infrastructure, creating protocols for how we restrict access and data to specific users, and identifying and rectifying cases in which our infrastructure and data processing applications/databases isn’t secure or secure enough. You will also be a thought leader and represent Upstart at security conferences and events. As one of the first members of this team, you will also have an opportunity for growth into management.

Here is more about what you’ll be doing:

  • Managing security compliance in all infrastructure-related projects including mapping Technology compliance into our infrastructure
  • Partnering with engineering and dev-ops to provide security guidance in managing secure networking, securing IT assets and defining requirements for our Devops Team 
  • Building out Upstart’s future through infrastructure by creating AWS-based security controls from scratch using a variety of AWS tools
  • Set up a regular vulnerability scanning tools and manage remediation of identified issues
  • Conducting infrastructure security audits, penetration tests, and periodic access reviews to applications and infrastructure
  • Owning security controls relating to application access and data encryption
  • Leading vulnerability management and incident management procedures
  • Keeping abreast on all compliance/regulatory news and information in fintech to ensure Upstart is at the forefront of changes in the industry
  • Actively participating in open source forums (e.g OWASP) and cloud infrastructure conferences


  • 5+ years of experience in information security, preferably with experience in enabling security incident and event management
  • 3+ years of experience in a leadership role
  • Certification in IT or cybersecurity (e.g. CISSP or CISM) will strengthen consideration
  • Experience working in high-security/high-compliance environments, Maintain compliance requirements with international standards such as (SOX, SOC2 and ISO27001)
  • Experience setting up and working with AWS Inspector, Kinesis - Lambda based security response, Macie, Gaurd Duty, Config and Config rules
  • Experience setting up and working in security operations
  • Ability to define high-level strategy for security/compliance monitoring and risk mitigation
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
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Senior Frontend Software Engineer

Do you love writing Javascript and engineering elegant user experiences? As a frontend engineer at Upstart, you'll be responsible for crafting the user's experience on our financial platform, making architectural decisions on the frontend, and determining the overall aesthetic of our site.


  • 5+ years of frontend or full-stack development
  • Strong JavaScript skills
  • Experience with frontend JS frameworks and libraries, like Angular and React/Redux
  • Ability to write and maintain clean, modular JS code
  • Knowledge of best UX practices


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