Jane Penner from Alibaba & Google joins Upstart

Dave Girourd

Upstart News,

Paul, Anna, and I are excited to announce that Jane Penner has joined Upstart to lead our Communications efforts!

Upstart is the first lending platform to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to price credit and automate the borrowing process. With more than $750M in loans to date ($60M+ originated in May alone), we’re on pace for 3X growth in 2017 and expect to be profitable by year end.

Despite being named the Tesla of alternative lending, telling our story is no easy task. There’s a veritable buzzword bingo in our industry related to Big Data, analytics, and (naturally) artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This is where Jane comes in.

Jane joins Upstart from Alibaba, where she managed investor relations for the largest IPO in history ($25B). Prior to that, she led IR for Google and was first at Google to manage financial PR, executing a proactive media plan during the global financial crisis. Before her time at Google, Jane was Managing Director on the Equity Research team at Bear Stearns. She began her career as Senior Editor at TheStreet.com, working for the one-and-only Jim Cramer.

If you’re intrigued by AI/ML and its impact on lending, go here to learn more!