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Upstart’s Marketplace Lending Credit Performance

Contrary to concerns about marketplace lending credit performance, Upstart has seen low loss rates across all loan grades and no performance degradation.
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Announcing: Investing in an IRA with Upstart

We’re excited to announce that you’re now be able to invest on Upstart with an Individual Retirement Account! Investing in Upstart loans can be a great way to earn a solid returns with low volatility and monthly cash flow.
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Bringing Clarity & Ease To The Personal Loan Repayment Process

We often hear complaints about how confusing traditional lenders and credit card companies make their bills and balance statements. We want to change that.

Upstart Raises $35M Series C

The first Upstart loan was originated just over a year ago, and 8,920 loans later, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve raised $35 million to help further our mission.

Victory Park Increases Investment to $500M in Loans on Upstart

We’re committed to providing fairly priced loans to quality borrowers who aren’t well-served by traditional lenders. Since launching loans less than a year ago, we’ve originated more than 5,000 loans totaling $70M, including more than $14M in March alone!
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Our Mission: Financial Fitness For All

After much introspection and deliberation, we’ve found just the right words to describe our mission: Financial fitness for all.
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Next Day Funding on Upstart

As of today, borrowers on Upstart who accept their loan by 5PM ET will receive their funds the next day*. We’ve accomplished this by automating all investing on Upstart, so that all approved loans fund virtually instantly.

Victory Park Capital to Invest $100M in Loans on Upstart

Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Victory Park Capital (VPC), who will invest $100M in Upstart loans over the next two years. The firm began purchasing loans on Upstart earlier this month.
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Restoring Confidence In The Value of Higher Education

The transparency to pick a school and a major that will likely lead to a job where one can flex his creative thinking in meetings and have the luxury of pursuing the arts in his free time — now that sounds like a good deal.

Ranger Capital Group to Invest in Loans on Upstart

Today, we’re happy to announce that Ranger Capital Group will begin to invest in Upstart loans this month.

You Have To Start Somewhere

Did you know Pope Francis’ first job was working a bouncer at a nightclub in Buenos Aires? The unpredictability of that trajectory is one reason why we love hearing about first jobs!

Upstart Partners with Leading Coding Schools

We’re excited to announce partnerships with General Assembly, Dev Bootcamp, Launch Academy, Starter School, Metis, Code Fellows, and Coder Camps, to to allow their students to use Upstart to finance their education.
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You Don’t Need a CS Degree to Work for a Startup

In this post, I’ll outline a strategic approach for finding work with a startup, even if you have no idea where to start.

How to Negotiate a Job Offer

CEO Dave Girouard shares his insights on how both startups and larger companies think about the hiring and negotiating process.
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How To Hire The Right Person

Rather than tell you what type of person you should hire, this article will focus on the tactics that can help you hire those people more effectively.

Paul Joins Tech Leaders on British Airways Inaugural Inflight Hack

Every day, about 4.5 million people travel by air globally. What if all those passengers and all that travel time was used to explore and solve international innovation challenges?

Immigrants and Innovation: The White House Honors Our Co-Founder as ‘Champion of Change’

We are so proud of our co-founder, Anna Mongayt, who was recently recognized by the White House as an exemplary immigrant innovator at a “Champions of Change” event, and received the Outstanding American By Choice award!

OKRs and Projects: How We Set Goals at Upstart

One challenge every company faces is how to set goals and measure success.

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