Keval Desai

Keval Desai

Partner at InterWest Partners

Keval Desai is a partner at VC firm InterWest Partners. Keval joined InterWest in 2011 and invests in consumer Internet and mobile companies. He currently sits on the board of Flurry, Triposo and Gojee. Immediately prior to joining InterWest, Keval was vice president for product at Digg. Prior to that, as Google's former director of product management, Keval led teams that launched new advertising products and businesses — including video/TV ads and an expansion of AdWords. He also launched syndication of Google's products to third parties. Keval, has worked in Silicon Valley since 1991 and was an angel investor at several start-ups including Backblaze, MyLikes, Optimizely, Rixty and SpotMixer. Earlier in his career, he was a co-founder of Achex, an Internet payments company acquired by First Data. He is a member of the Dean's Advisory Board at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business and also sits on the Board for the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley.

Growing up, I wanted to play cricket for the Indian national team

Letter to Myself at 20

You have lucked into a great life - loving parents, great education and amazing mentors. Don’t take this for granted. As you look ahead, remember a few simple things: always be a student, learn from every experience, good or bad. Take initiative to try new things, that’s how you will learn the most. It’s ok to make mistakes, use them as learning opportunities and don’t repeat them. Be kind to others - life is a team sport. It’s not about what you achieve, it’s about how you did it. In your professional career, focus on a goal and be the best at it. In your personal life, be the connecting tissue between your parents and your children - their well being is the only thing that will matter to you in the long run.